Here I am (Jared). The first thing that needs to be done is to cut off the old counter flashing.  And grind a small joint above the old counter flashing.

After all the joints are ground out, the next step is to wire brush them.  This will remove any moss or other foreign substances.

Final product. Looks so much better than when I started and will definitely keep the water out.

Here is a picture of the joint after is has been cleaned and any loose debris blown out.

Once all of the joint’s are wire brushed, it’s’ time to blow them out with an air nozzle. 

Another bead of sealant is install on top of the metal.

​This is a good example of chimney counter flashing that is old, wore out, and in desperate need of replacement.

The first step in installing the new counter flashing is to lay a bead of sealant in the joint.

Here is an example of the ground out joint.

After the sealant is installed a piece of the new counter flashing is installed.

The bead of sealant is troweled. This pushes the sealant into all the little cracks and crevices, ensuring a tight bond.

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