Completed in August of 2020.  We tore off the existing roofing and because the slope of this roof was under a 4/12, we installed a rubberized underlayment and Certainteed Patriot shingles.  The Patriot shingles are the perfect shingle for lower slope roofs.

Completed June 2018 in Lakewood, WA.  This was one of the worst roofing jobs I have ever seen.  The roof was leaking in multiple locations which resulted in having to remove the existing roofing and replace ten sheets of O.S.B.  Not only was the roofing bad the construction of this addition was extremely crooked.  You can kind of see it in the pictures.  We were able to straighten up the valley a little bit and installed a IKO Cambridge algae resistant Riviera Red shingle.  This roof will not leak anymore.  

Completed June 2018 in University Place, WA.  Because of the low slope (2/12) and the desire of the homeowner to have a long lasting roof.  We removed the existing composition roofing and installed an IB 80mil PVC Brown roof.  IB roofs come with a lifetime material warranty, one of the best warranties in the industry.  IB PVC roofs can also be installed on roofs that are completely flat and pond water.  This roof will last a long time and is maintenance free.  

Fully licensed by the state of WA PRITCRI981BB

August 2020.  What a mossy roof!  This roof had several areas that had a slope of less than 4/12.  So we decided to use a shingle that works well on a low slope, but also looks good on the steeper sections.  That shingle is Certainteed Patriot.  On the sections less than 4/12, we installed a rubberized underlayment for extra protection.  

May 2018 in Puyallup, WA.  We installed IKO Cambridge algae resistant Riviera Red shingles on top of the existing one layer of 3 tab roofing.  We also installed five skylights on the detached garage for additional natural lighting.  

Completed June 2018 in Tacoma, WA.  The roof was tore off, 7/16 inch O.S.B. sheeting was installed on top of the existing ship lap decking and a Malarkey Highlander Algae Resistant Midnight Black shingle was installed.  On the low slope roof we installed a Dibiten granulated torch down applied modified bitumen roof.  We also added three additional air vents and a metal vent above the range hood.  This job took two days to complete.

Completed in October 2018.  On this project we tore off one layer of torch down roofing, replaced seven sheets of rotten plywood, installed 3 inches of polyiso insulation on the center section of the house and installed a Dibiten APP torch down roof system.  To protect it from the sun we coated it with APOC fibered aluminum roof coating.  If the homeowner maintains the coating this roof should last over 30 years.