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Company History

Pritchetts Roofing Inc. was originally started back in 1980 as C&H roofing.  Charles Pritchett and Herb Gifford worked together as installers for a few of the big roofing companies.  They worked on the flat roofing crew as well as the residential crew.  They both wanted to start their own company, so they decided to work together and C&H Roofing was born.  Early on, Charles started including the family. Charles’ two sons, Josh and Jared, grew up helping their father during the summers. They would clean up all the debris that fell on the ground and pass Charles shingles as he installed them.  Charles and Herb successfully ran the company for ten years when in 1990 they decided to split the business and each go their own way.  In 1990, Charles Pritchett started Pritchetts Roofing.  His focus was on giving homeowners a solid roof that they could depend on and was also aesthetically pleasing. Providing quality work for his customers was very important to Charles and it became the trademark of his company.  In 1995, Charles two sons, Josh and Jared Pritchett, graduated from high school and began working with their father in the roofing business full time.  Charles instilled in his two sons the importance of doing quality work and the value of a good reputation.  Recently, Charles has retired and now Josh and Jared Pritchett are successfully working together and operating Pritchett’s Roofing Inc. With over forty years of combined experience, we are equipped to provide the roofing services you need. 

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