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Occasionally we run across homes that have a living area below a deck.  When this situation exists, a waterproof yet aesthetically pleasing coating is needed. In the examples below we installed a four layer Pacific Polymer polyurethane deck coating.

Pacific Polymers® Elasto-Deck 5000 X2 is an elastomeric waterproof deck coating system, using moisture cured polyurethane products. An aggregate is incorporated into the system to provide an anti-skid surface.

One layer of top coat is installed along with an aggregate.  After 12 hours another layer of top coat is applied to fully encapsulate the aggregate.  The final product has no seams, is completely waterproof, can last up to 15 years and the aggregate provides traction.

Waterproof Walking Decks

As with all coatings.  The job is only as good as how clean the surface is.  To ensure a secure bond to the substrate new plywood is always required when installing a polyurethane deck coating. 

After new plywood is installed, metal flashing is installed at all transitions, and all seams are caulked and embedded with fiberglass.

The next step involves applying two layers of base coat.  Twelve hours between coats.